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French contemporary violin makers

The special features of French violin making lies in that they try to create their unique French string instruments from the early days. They have been reimplemented the previous patterns that were proven elsewhere. The Mireocurt school established in the XVIth century has become world renowned. Such outstanding figures of violin makers as  Jean Baptiste Vuillaume worked there. The French violin making is blooming even today.  

Apenberg, Alexandra

Auray, Jean

Beaufort, Maurice

Becker, Frédéric

Blanchard, Laurent

Bodart, Stephane

Bour, Simon

Boyer, Serge

Braem, Gilles

Caban, Denis

Campanati, Bruno

Chancereul, Gilles

Charlemagne, Christian

Charton, Patrick

Chaudière, Frédéric

Condi, Jean-Claude

Danger, François

Démarais, Nicolas

Descloux, Yves

Destannes, Christophe

Dufour, Hubert

Flajollet, Olivier

Fontaine, Pierre

Fréguin, Dominique

Garmy, René

Gougi, Fabrice

Graff, Jean Christophe

Gram, Fabien

Hernandez, Bruce

Jean, Timothée

Joannès, Philippe

Kraft, Judith

Lourme, Eric

Maroncles, Julie

Molinari, Robert

Péan, Alexis

Pommet, François-Joseph

Pontis, Bernard

Porret, Yann

Rivoire, Jean-Jacques

Rosenstiel, Marc

Sambot, Gérard

Saumagne, Nicolas

Schneider, Julien

Schoener, Yann

Snitkovski, Alexandre

Taconné, Patrice

Taveau, Stéphane

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