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German contemporary violin makers

German violin making is at the forefront of the world thanks to the outstanding quality manufacture and their master instruments. Especially large quantities were exported to the United States and other parts of the world. The modern violin making can be attached to Germany’s decisive figure Jacob Steiner. Their baroque string instruments are considered a real curiosity. In our days, many excellent violin makers are active in Germany.  

Bartsch, Johann

Bay, Arthur

Becker, Stephan

Benedek, Peter

Bönsch, Reinhard

Buntrock, Erhard

Buntrock, Rebecca

Clement, Klaus

Esche, Ralf

Fink, Renate

Finnigan, Andrew

Fischer, Wolf-Dieter

Franke, Jörg

Galic, Johannes

Gateau, Yves

Gies, Stephan

Goes, Bernward

Goldfuss, Horst

Günther, Johannes

Hampel, Andreas

Harders, Henner

Höppner, Albrecht

Kasak, Josef

Klaembt, Pia

Klier, Otto

Knobel, Herbert-Rainer

Kogge, Daniel

Körner, Peter

Kretzschmann, Udo

Kühne, Bernd-Albrecht

Küster, Susanne

Laber, Andrea

Lage, Markus

Lehmann, Florian

Leonhardt, Rainer

Lobe, Günter

Mächler, Urs

Mahr, Walter

Maller, Anton

Masurat, Andrea

Masurat, Rudolf

Moinian, Dorte

Muthesius, Tilman

Pöser, Helmut

Reimers, Clas

Reis, Wolfram

Reiser, Wolfram

Ruddock, Nigel

Schleiermacher, Felix

Schleske, Martin

Schnabl, Wolfgang

Sprenger, Anton

Sticht, Christoph

Stöhr, Thomas

Uilderks, Haat-Hedlef

Uphoff, Thomas

Weiken, Matthias

Weise, Hagen

Zanders, Bernhard

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