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Karoly Peteri Cremona graduate master violin and bow maker

1. When and why did you start making violins?Peteri violin

Starting 1981, I wanted to unravel the secret of Stradivari, but since it turned out that sadly there is none. Blind study revealed, that Stradivari instruments are not winning as the best sounding instruments.

2. What kind of training did you participate in and from whom did you learn the craft?

In Hungary my instructor was István Balázs in a non official way.  But, after that from 1989-1993 in the Cremona international level school my instructor was Vincenzo Bissolotti, where I have obtained the highest level of master’s degree of Cremona.

3. Do you make any other instrument besides violin?

Yes, of course, in addition to making the violin I make still viola, cello,  or even double bass as well.

4. In what style, do you make the instruments?

I use all kinds of styles for making instruments. The most popular are Stradivari and Guarneri, but I know a number of other styles as well.

5. What kind of wood materials do you use for the instruments?

I use maple, which is used since Stradivari, and for the cover sheet of the instrument I use spruce. But outside of this for the grip plate I use edge wood and for the bow I use Pau Brasil.

6. Is there any modern violin maker whose work you value highly?Peteri violin

Yes, I appreciate the work of Aldo Brugnini.

7. To whom do you pass your knowledge over?

To my son and daughter, who are studying with me.

8. What kind of competition did you participate at?

I won first prise, in 2010,  on the Violin Day which was broadcasted live on TV Duna in Hungary. I was a juryman in Romania, and I have participated in the Mittenwalde exhibitions and competitions many times.

9. How can one find you, if someone wants to have an instrument made for him?

I can be found on more surfaces, beginning with my own webpage and by Facebook. These are the places where I can take orders.

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