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Nowadays the variety of stringed instruments is mostly characterized by diversity. The market has gone through great changes over the last years.


Trading Stringed Instruments Today

Nowadays the variety of stringed instruments is mostly characterized by diversity.  The market has gone through great changes over the last years.  It is mainly due to a change in market demands and online trading. The fact of making more and more musical instruments in the Far East greatly impacts the trade of violins, violas and cellos. It affects several smaller violin manufacturers since in this price category, which is much lower than that of master musical instruments, they are able to produce such good quality at such a low price, which a European workshop can hardly compete. However, master musical instruments and antique violins, violas and cellos still remain prestigious.  You can find more and more excellent musical instruments that were made in the workshops of today’s masters.  It may also be due to the fact that violin making has not only kept its traditional character, but it has also adapted to modern technologies effectively. 

Observing the trade of violins and other stringed instruments, we can consider that more and more online stores provide musical instruments for sale.  The variety of supply is very broad. Besides the instruments of German and Czech workshops, we can find the workmanship of Italian, French and Hungarian renowned makers as well.  When choosing a musical instrument, the price and the quality are very important factors.  The price of antique violins issignificantly higher than in case of modern musical instruments. To determine the quality, it is better to have some kind of competence.  Though there are a lot of online stores that target this market segment, there are only a few of them where we can find antique violins, violas or cellos and cheaper musical instruments from manufactures  at the same time.  Besides the websites of larger auction houses, we cannot really find this kind of a supply. However, selling and buying are also more complicated on these platforms. 

The Cremonae auction website wishes to fill this gap in the market.  Anyone can easily and quickly sell their own musical instruments either on auction or for a fixed price. Thanks to secure payment methods, buying is simple and fast. You can ask for the help of our experts before your buying or selling. We can even assist you in identifying the value of the musical instrument.  Besides new musical instruments, you can also find antique master violins, other stringed instruments or accessories. At our auctions, you can even get rather valuable instruments for a great price if you are lucky.

We wish you successful bidding and selling.

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