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The Cremonae International Auction portal aims to make the purchase and sales of stringed instruments easier and quicker. Violin for sale, cello for sale, viola for sale and violin bow for sale.

Receive money

Receive money

On the Cremonae auction portal you can choose between two payment methods, which are the two safest payment solutions nowadays. Before you start bidding, it is very important to create a PayPal account.


Nowadays, PayPal is the most popular online payment solution in the world. With PayPal you can sell or receive money quickly and safely.For you and the buyer, PayPal provides protection for each transaction.You can fetch your money to your bank accountquickly, easily and free.

For further details please, check the following website: paypal.com


Escrow is a kind of deposit service. Actually, the money for the itempayed by the buyer is managed by a third party,called Escrow.com. If the buyer confirms that he received and is satisfied with the item, the money paid for the item appears on your bank account. If the buyer is not satisfied, he posts the item back to you and he will get his money back. Thus, with Escrow.com you can purchase instruments of great value safely.  Escrow service is available only for purchases above 4.000 USD.

For further details please, check the following website: escrow.com