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The special features of French violin making lies in that they try to create their unique French string instruments from the early days. They have been reimplemented the previous patterns that were proven elsewhere.  
German violin making is at the forefront of the world thanks to the outstanding quality manufacture and their master instruments. Especially large quantities were exported to the United States and other parts of the world.   
Italy is the cradle of violin making thanks to such masters as Amati, or Stradivari. Besides other Italian violin makers their instruments are still dominant today. 
Almost without exception, genuine violin experts are professional traders in this field. However, the status of violin dealers has long ceased to exist as an independent profession. 
Expert opinion means the evaluation of an object, while appraisal means the estimation of its value. Art trade uses variants of these concepts, so it is recommended to distinguish them clearly.  
I use all kinds of styles for making instruments. The most popular are Stradivari and Guarneri, but I know a number of other styles as well.  
Andrea Amati's earliest known, still existing violin is one of the 38 instruments made at the request of the French king, Charles IX's court orchestra. 
The evolution of violins can only be dated with approximate accuracy and considerable divergence due to the small amount of research on the history of this instrument and having few documents as evidence thereof. 
It is proven by the time-based comparison of the evolution of the violin and the development of approaches to artistic styles that the violin shape was created in the period of late Renaissance at the beginning of the early Baroque, which were evolving at the same time. 
We must address the important question of why maple is used for the back and spruce for the top plate. There is still no satisfactory explanation to this issue. 
Nowadays the variety of stringed instruments is mostly characterized by diversity.  The market has gone through great changes over the last years.  It is mainly due to a change in market demands and online trading.
Brescia is the first and the oldest school. In fact, violin making was founded on the base of this school. Violins in Brescian style were built outside the walls of the Etruscan town as well. 
School, as a word or notion, cannot be clearly explained unless we speak about it as a specific style trend. Besides, styles can be interpreted in a stricter or a broader sense as well.  
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The Cremonae international auction portal aims to make the purchase and sales of stringed instruments easier and quicker. 

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Bergonzi's guardians lived nearby to Stradivari in the Piazza San Domenico in Cremona. Bergonzi apprenticed under Stradivari and inevitably was given the greater part of Stradivari's repair business. Since his repair administrations were sought after, Bergonzi was not able to give an ideal...
As a son of Alessandro Stradivari, he was born, presumably, around 1644 (between 1643 and 1649) in Cremona, situated in Lombardy (near to the birthplace of many immortal musicians). (Contrary to popular belief, his mother was not Anna Moroni, because she died in 1630.) Between 1667and1679, he was...
Guarneri is known as del Gesù (literally "of Jesus") because his labels after 1731 incorporated the nomina sacra, I.H.S. (iota-eta-sigma) and a Roman cross.