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Baroque Style cello for sale, Maple Fingerboard and Tailpice

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1,450 USD
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Back lenght: 760 mm, String lenght: 695 mm
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NEW (After 1980)
Condition description New item, very nice condition!
Product Description

Excellent craftmanship. Very nice cello. Easy to play. Maple fingerboard and tailpiece. Very Special! With Purfling inlaid on the fingeboard. Ancient size bass bar. Deep andSweet  tone.

We studied a few ancient baroque style cellos, and did lots of experimental works. Finally, we are satisfied with this baroque style model. It catches the all the advantages and characters of ancient baroque cellos and also we do some adjust and  suits modern cello player's this baroque cello we call modern baroque cello.

100% hand made by one maker from the beginning till the end.

Well air dried maple and spruce.

Maple Fingerboard.

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Item location China

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