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Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow for sale

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Stick Length (No Button): 690mm
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NEW (After 1980)
Condition description New item, very nice condition!
Product Description

Why Carbon Fiber Bows? The pernambuco forests of South America become alarmingly depleted. More professional musicians are using carbon fiber bows in addition to, and sometimes in place of, traditional wood bows. Why? Carbon fiber bows are much more durable than pernambuco bows, they resist warping, are priced economically (especially when compared with their wooden counterparts), and are often very light and well balanced.

Comments on this bow: This Carbon bow belongs to the Standard Model. It's one of the best selling bows.

This is a true carbon-fiber bow, molded and finished by skilled craftsmen. This model is perfect for advanced players who want the performance of a much more expensive pernambuco bow, or for anyone who needs a high quality second bow. Black finished stick, ebony frog with Parisian eye. Many professional music school students ordered this bow.

The French bow was not widely popular until its adoption by 19th-century virtuoso Giovanni Bottesini Giovanni Bottesini. This style is more similar to the traditional bows of the smaller string family instruments. It is held as if the hand is resting by the side of the performer with the palm facing toward the bass. The thumb rests on the shaft of the bow, next to the frog while the other fingers drape on the other side of the bow. Various styles dictate the curve of the fingers and thumb, as do the style of piece; a more pronounced curve and lighter hold on the bow is used for virtuosic or more delicate pieces, while a flatter curve and sturdier grip on the bow provides more power for loud orchestral passages.

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